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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy, Yippie, Healthy!

-- Hooman Momma

Qish is a picture of great health lately, and I am so happy! If you remember, Qish's health had been on a rollercoaster ride. Last year, he was diagnosed with acute kidney failure, and we had moments when I thought I would lose him (September, October and November stories). During those months, he was so thin, frail and had no passion to eat. I refused to take his photos back then because he was stick thin -- I could literally feel the bones under his skin. Who would have thought that Qish would go back to his bouncy, frisky, playful and, err, fat self months later! Lately, his energy for play is just unbelievable! YAY for Qish! :)

Who wants a bite off those round, fat thighs?! I DO! Ohhh, and THAT BELLY!



OMG! soooo fattie :P  So happy that you are doing well Qish :)

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