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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please Pray for Qish :(

-- RUE

Momma left last night with Qish, and after two hours, she returned -- without Qish.
I kept on looking for him, sniffing our carrier and momma's clothes, but I can only smell him.  When I looked at momma, she had a sad look on her face.

Qish had always been sickly.  In fact, when we went to the vet two weeks ago, momma was complaining about him not eating right.  Dr. Riza gave him vitamins, which of course he didn't like, but momma patiently administered to him (NOTE:  I love it!  I would lick it off the syringe, until momma decided to give me vits, too!).  His eating habits improved, and he was actually consuming more than I do because he gets to eat wet and dry food (I only get wet food! *sigh* But momma says it's healthier.).  But when momma was cuddling him the other night, she noticed that Qish's bones were sticking out; his backbones are sharp, and his ribs are showing.  So even if he was eating more, he wasn't gaining any weight.

Dr. Riza advised momma to do a blood test on Qish.  And there it was -- the results say his creatinine is high, and it has something to do with a malfunctioning kidney.  So Qish has to get an IV drip, and he has to stay at the hospital :'(

I didn't know I'll miss him this much!  I slept in the carrier used to bring him to the hospital, just so I could feel his presence.  We never really cuddled before, but we definitely love each other.  I miss teasing him to play teehee.

Please do pray for him.  I hope he'll get better real soon.  He's also very stressed because he doesn't like to be in a different environment, and he doesn't want to be handled by other people :(  He was really fighting hard when they were extracting his blood, and when they were putting the IV drip :(

Qish, please get better!  I promise I won't bug you when you return home, so that you can rest and recover all you want :(



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