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About RUE

Little Ms. Fai-RUE

I am Rue, and I am your lil cat fairy.  No, I don't have superpowers, but I do have super charms.  I bring lots of mischief to my hooman momma, but she still thinks sweetly of me.  I get naughty a lot of times, but she thinks it's cute!  Only because I am charming, and I have the biggest eyes and the pink-est nose in the cat world!

I never lived a privileged life before.  I used to roam the streets when I was still a tiny little kitteh.  I don't know what happened to my momma cat because I was still very young when things got bad.  I never knew yet that I was charming, but I was trying to follow people around with my itty-bitty steps in great hope that someone will finally give me my forever home (I know the streets are not so great a home!).  I saw my hooman momma walking, so I gave the cutest little meow, and I followed her.  She cuddled me for a minute, and said I was pretty even if I was dirty.  Then, she put me down and left me!  How could a human leave such a cute little furball!  I thought I just had another heartbreak.  To my surprise, I saw her walking back after a few minutes, and with such determination, picked me up and never let me go!  That was the happiest moment of my life, and I consider it my birthday -- July 24, 2009.

We got in a moving thing called a car and she brought me straight to Vets in Practice, her trusted animal hospital.  I didn't know why yet, but I later found out that my hooman momma has another cat who just used up one of his nine lives.  He is sickly, so momma wanted to make sure I won't infect him with anything.  When Dr. Melay poked me in the butt, it tickled!  But to my horror (and my momma's), poop started coming out.  I was so embarrassed!  But Dr. Melay was so cool, she said it was perfectly okay.  She also said I am about 4-6 weeks old.

When we got home, I still wasn't allowed to see the big cat.  I was jailed in a cage, actually.  I hated it, but I loved it when my momma would put gooshy food for me to gobble up.  I heard that the big cat didn't initially approve of my presence, so momma talked to him and told him that it will be his decision, that if he wouldn't learn to like me, momma will have to give me up at the shelter.  What a heartbreaking thing to hear :(  But good thing the big cat started liking me (I told you I have super charms!).  He's a handsome Siamese boy!  Oh, and his name is Qish.  Momma named me Rue (Rue Noire is my full name) because she told me it means "street" in French (my full name means dark/black street).  She wanted to make me sound precious with that French thing, I guess :)

Qish started nudging and playing with me.  I didn't know how to play yet, so I would get angry at times.  Momma never left me out alone with him until I was bigger, because she was scared that Qish would accidentally crush me to my death.  Things got better as I started growing up, and boy is it fun to bully someone triple my size!  I love playing with him, and I would bully him a lot of times.  He couldn't really hurt me anyway because he's the sweetest brother you could ever have.

When I was six months old, momma had me spayed.  Which is a good thing because I want to maintain my sexy figure.  Qish is also neutered, so we live like we're brothers and sisters from the same litter who never get tired of playing like frisky kittens!

Momma and grandma think I am the cutest little thing on earth.  So when I swallowed a needle (I swear I didn't know it would hurt me!), I made my momma so worried that when she saw my x-ray, she cried in front of my equally charming vet, Dr. Riza!  She couldn't stop crying and Dr. Riza was hugging me while waiting for her to calm down.  She told momma I had to stay in the hospital, and that a surgery will be done by Dr. Nielsen in a few hours.  I didn't know my little mischief would bring such pain to my momma! :(

That afternoon, my tummy got opened up.  Dr. Nielsen didn't respect my little dignity and took photos of me while on the operating table, with my gut spilling out of my tummy!  Well, he only wanted to "document" it so that he can show it to my momma who can't bear to watch the surgery.  At about 5:00pm, my momma and grandma came, and the surgery was over then.  Momma wanted to hug me but I was too weak (I was still drugged) to respond.  In the following days, she would religiously visit me twice a day, just to hug me and try to comfort me.  Oh, and because of the IV drip, I peed on her thrice while at the hospital!  I just couldn't control it :|  But she loves me just the same, and I super love her for that!  She's the best momma ever!

So yeah, this is my little cat life, but this is not everything.  I try to be as extraordinary as I can be on a daily basis, bringing momma lots of surprises.  Sometimes, I wake her up by licking her nose.  Or by running around her, and trying to kick her in the face.  Or by leaving a little present (my favorite mouse toy) beside her to cheer her up when she opens her eyes.  Whatever it is, she will never be able to guess what's in store for her the next morning. That's what I am -- unpredictable, and full of surprises!

I have a lot of fans, because momma and grandma like showing my photos to their friends.  No, I don't mind at all.  I love getting everyone's attention!

And one last thing, who said that only dawgs fetch?  I do that, too, but only when I like it.  I am a brat, but the cutest and sweetest brat-cat you'll ever find :)

Watch me feeeetch! :)


Waaaah! Ang likot ni Rue! So cute, kakagigil. Qish must be really really really patient with her. Haha!

Super likot talaga! Sometimes Qish would hiss at Rue and swat her in the face because she's super kulit! But Rue doesn't mind. Akala nya part of playing pa rin. Ang kulit talaga!

Oh how I wish my Karupin would be so open in meeting new cats especially in sa mga social events but no he would hiss and go on a panic or sometime be rude he would raise his paw so that they would back off.. and he hates being dressed..

Awww... Rue is such a darling kitty... I think her name is perfect for her too... Just like Rue of The Hunger Games... But unlike "that Rue" your little girl is a toughie. That needle incident was just too scary. I'm really glad she's OK... :)

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