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When I was a kitten, I was rejected by a pet shop. I thought that was bad, because I thought I am not lovable. But as it turned out, it was a blessing in disguise! I've heard of so many bad things and horror stories about pets that stay in a pet shop (fleas, mites, diseases, bad health in general).

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About RUE

I am Rue, and I am your lil cat fairy. No, I don't have superpowers, but I do have super charms. I bring lots of mischief to my hooman momma, but she still thinks sweetly of me. I get naughty a lot of times, but she thinks it's cute! Only because I am charming, and I have the biggest eyes and the pink-est nose in the cat world!

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Something Moved! (Video)

...as I was changing the sheets.

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OMG Moment of Horror

I love going inside things -- boxes, closets, cupboards -- anything that provides dark privacy to my liking. So imagine my excitement when I found the microwave oven slightly open on the countertop. I had to investigate, of course. It smelled of chicken, perhaps the dinner I just had. It was still warm, so it was perfect.

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This Is Embarrassing (Video)

I don't think momma understands that this embarrasses me. And to add insult to the injury, she posted it in YouTube with this fancy schmancy music! My momma is B-A-D!!!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

QISH is Home!

-- Hooman Momma

Qish went home yesterday!  Yay!  Both cats were sort of feeling weird about each other, sniffing yet avoiding to touch each other.

On Sept. 21 (Tuesday), I brought Qish to Vets in Practice Animal Hospital because he hasn't been gaining any weight from all the extra food that he's been gobbling up lately.  He's been on multivitamins and appetite stimulant because he started losing interest in food about two or three weeks ago.  He's been eating well since he last saw Dr. Riza, but I noticed his spine and ribs are sticking out of his fur.  He's dead thin, the thinnest I've seen of him.  Dr. Riza did a comprehensive blood test and after about 30 minutes, she knew what was wrong -- his creatinine values are elevated at 2.3, which means that his kidneys are not functioning.  She asked me to leave Qish at the hospital for kidney flushing.  

On the two instances that I visited Qish at the animal hospital, he was looking good and was a total sweetheart.  He would purr, rub his face on my hand, and was so alert he even wanted to jump off his cage!  It was heartbreaking to leave him there, because everytime I close his cage, he would extend his paw and try to grab my arm, as if telling me "Don't leave me here, momma!" :(

So yesterday (Sept. 25, Saturday), after four days on IV drip, Qish got tested again and his values are back to normal.  Dr. Riza says he has acute renal failure, which, fortunately, is still reversible (chronic renal failure is irreversible).  But he still has to receive sub Q (subcutaneous fluids) every other day.

Qish is now doing well at home, taking some time off from Rue and myself by hiding under the bed.  I guess he wants some "me" time!  But so far Rue is leaving him alone because I think she smells something different on Qish -- perhaps because of the IV drip or the medicines that were given to him.  But I'm just glad that Qish is back home to cuddle with me at night :)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please Pray for Qish :(

-- RUE

Momma left last night with Qish, and after two hours, she returned -- without Qish.
I kept on looking for him, sniffing our carrier and momma's clothes, but I can only smell him.  When I looked at momma, she had a sad look on her face.

Qish had always been sickly.  In fact, when we went to the vet two weeks ago, momma was complaining about him not eating right.  Dr. Riza gave him vitamins, which of course he didn't like, but momma patiently administered to him (NOTE:  I love it!  I would lick it off the syringe, until momma decided to give me vits, too!).  His eating habits improved, and he was actually consuming more than I do because he gets to eat wet and dry food (I only get wet food! *sigh* But momma says it's healthier.).  But when momma was cuddling him the other night, she noticed that Qish's bones were sticking out; his backbones are sharp, and his ribs are showing.  So even if he was eating more, he wasn't gaining any weight.

Dr. Riza advised momma to do a blood test on Qish.  And there it was -- the results say his creatinine is high, and it has something to do with a malfunctioning kidney.  So Qish has to get an IV drip, and he has to stay at the hospital :'(

I didn't know I'll miss him this much!  I slept in the carrier used to bring him to the hospital, just so I could feel his presence.  We never really cuddled before, but we definitely love each other.  I miss teasing him to play teehee.

Please do pray for him.  I hope he'll get better real soon.  He's also very stressed because he doesn't like to be in a different environment, and he doesn't want to be handled by other people :(  He was really fighting hard when they were extracting his blood, and when they were putting the IV drip :(

Qish, please get better!  I promise I won't bug you when you return home, so that you can rest and recover all you want :(


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Is It!

-- RUE

Finally, we're in the final round of Bow & Wow's PETparazzi Contest!  I need your support again, I really, really, badly want to be a meow-del, so please support a little cat's plead...

Will you vote for me?  Please?

If you've already voted before, just click here to vote for my new fab photo, taken inside the Bow & Wow store in Shangri-la:  http://apps.facebook.com/bowandwow/entry.php?entry_fbid=15ebd2ac598c410cd21df96c61e2a002

If this is your first time, please follow these steps:

1.  LIKE the page of Bow & Wow:  http://www.facebook.com/bowandwow

2.  VOTE for meeee:  http://apps.facebook.com/bowandwow/entry.php?entry_fbid=15ebd2ac598c410cd21df96c61e2a002

3.  CHECK if your vote's counted -- you'll see your thumbnail on the bottom right of the picture.  If it's not there, just refresh then VOTE again :)

4.  DONE!  You may wish to leave a cute comment, too!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your support :)


Monday, September 13, 2010

How Was Your Weekend?

-- Rue

Ask me!  Ask me!

How was my weekend?  I had a great one! :)

Qish and I went to Vets in Practice Animal Hospital to get dewormed, and everyone there were all over me again!  I'm a charmer and a heartthrob, me thinks :)  They all wanted to have a photo wif meeeee!  After a few mintues, my boyfriend Miumiu came in.  We acted like we were embarrassed, but check him out, he looks cute, too!  No worries, we're both spayed and neutered so we're just friends, really.

Miumiu, my boyfriend!
wink ;)

With my charming vet, Dr. Riza Zunio:

And this is the resident supervisor cat at the hospital:

PAWsome-ness, with all these beautiful cats (myself included)!

Momma and gramma brought me to the park/mall after.  I loved watching the birdies!  We were under the tree, momma and gramma were sipping Starbucks coffee while feeding the birds so that they'll be around me.  I was a good cat and just stayed put, although I really wanted to chase after them!  Of course I had my leash on, and momma wouldn't let me do that.

We walked a little bit, lounged a bit, had some lunch and gelato, then headed home.  It was fuuuuun!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

PAWsome Day!

-- Rue

I'm a TV superstar!!!

Okay, maybe not a superstar (yet), but I'll be on local TV some time this month!  We did the shoot yesterday and I loved getting everyone's attention!

Momma got invited by our favorite store, Bow & Wow, to do an interview with GMA7 (local TV network) about spaying and neutering.  You see, momma is a strong supporter of that cause and she made sure that Qish and I were spayed and neutered when we reached maturity.  We are also one of the top finishers of the SNAP (Spay and Neuter a Pet) promo of Bow & Wow, so we are able to help Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) fund the spaying/neutering of one cat.  It's a great promo, plus we got a lot of nice freebies!  My favorites are the harness and the pet carrier where I love snuggling in.

Ayala Triangle Park

Now about the interview...We were at Bow & Wow Shangri-la early because we didn't want to get caught in bad traffic.  Uncle Osler drove for us.  When we got there, everyone was all over me!  They all said I'm too cute and pretty!  They even started playing with me and making fun of me.  I always tell Qish how fun it is to be with people, but he just doesn't like to be touched by people he doesn't know.  So it was only momma who can carry him, and he would lick parts of his body that were touched by other people to get the smell off!  Geez, he never gets to enjoy going out :(  

That's Uncle Osler!  But he didn't want to show his face :(
Momma and Uncle Osler were hungry so they left us at the store.  I didn't mind, really.  I was loving all the attention they were giving me!  In fact, I didn't want to leave (teehee, don't tell momma!).  When the TV crew arrived, they first interviewed the poppa of the other cat who's a Persian.  I didn't catch his/her name, because everyone was busy so I didn't have time to make friends with him/her. 

When it was momma's turn to be interviewed, she carried me like a baby, then she thought it was cute to put me in the shopping basket while the camera was filming us shopping for food.  I loved it!  I was a natural!  I was born to be a superstar, me thinks :)  

Everyone who saw me asked momma what my breed is, and she beams with pride when she says "Domestic Shorthair" -- that's the fancy term for a local cat, teehee.  They all think it's a fancy-schmancy breed, but momma is quick to say that I'm a local cat, a puspin (pusang Pinoy - Filipino cat), whom she just rescued from the street!  She wants to tell the people that local cats are beautiful, too!  The cameraman kept on insisting that I must be "imported" (a cat with breed) because my eyes are huge and I'm just too pretty!  They don't realize that if only they look harder, they will see the beauty of the stray cats roaming around the street.  And they can give them a nice, warm home, too!  See how happy I am to have found my momma and my forever home?

I am heavy, teehee!

Before we left, I had a photo opp with my fans, err, friends at Bow & Wow!  They were PAWsome!  And you have to agree with me, that was a PAWsome day!  Except that Qish threw tantrums, so he wasn't included in the TV shoot :(


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Not Always Cute...

...I can look mean, too!  RAWR!

-- Rue

Fetching my mouse is a my serious business!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

BIG Eyes -- I Has Them

-- Rue

Happy CATurday! :)

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