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When I was a kitten, I was rejected by a pet shop. I thought that was bad, because I thought I am not lovable. But as it turned out, it was a blessing in disguise! I've heard of so many bad things and horror stories about pets that stay in a pet shop (fleas, mites, diseases, bad health in general).

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About RUE

I am Rue, and I am your lil cat fairy. No, I don't have superpowers, but I do have super charms. I bring lots of mischief to my hooman momma, but she still thinks sweetly of me. I get naughty a lot of times, but she thinks it's cute! Only because I am charming, and I have the biggest eyes and the pink-est nose in the cat world!

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Something Moved! (Video)

...as I was changing the sheets.

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OMG Moment of Horror

I love going inside things -- boxes, closets, cupboards -- anything that provides dark privacy to my liking. So imagine my excitement when I found the microwave oven slightly open on the countertop. I had to investigate, of course. It smelled of chicken, perhaps the dinner I just had. It was still warm, so it was perfect.

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This Is Embarrassing (Video)

I don't think momma understands that this embarrasses me. And to add insult to the injury, she posted it in YouTube with this fancy schmancy music! My momma is B-A-D!!!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Goodbye, Midnight...

-- Hooman Momma

Midnight on his last day. His tummy was also distended, just like Saab's -- a classic sign of the effusive or wet form of FIP.

Midnight is an FIP-positive cat who is very close to my heart because he looks like a grown-up Saab, and he developed FIP right after Saab crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was given the experimental drug Polyprenyl Immunostimulang (PI) from Hong Kong, and at first he was doing well. Sadly, on the first day of the year, he had to be put to sleep because he was having seizures. His FIP has progressed from dry to the wet form.

I whispered in his ear as he was crossing the Rainbow Bridge: "Run and play with Saab, Midnight. No one else will understand your painful FIP journey other than Saab, because you took the same sad and dark road."

I am sorry for your loss, Ms. Luchie. Midnight and Saab, please take care of each other...

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