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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Momma is in the Hospital!

-- Rue

Momma is undergoing surgery this afternoon. She said it will remove her tonsils. I don't know what they are, but she's been at the hospital since yesterday. 

I can't be with her because they don't allow kitties there (how could they not?!), but I asked her to take my blown-up photo with her so I can cheer her up.

Well, the good thing is, our catsitter (our grandpa this time) is taking care of us. Last week while momma is away on a trip, grandpa was with us the whole weekend and momma was oh-so-surprised when she came back! Qish and I were both bouncing in furry fat-ness, teehee. She scolded grandpa, but we always find a way to get him to give us more food, anyway. He's under our spell!

Here's my photo stopping momma from packing her suitcase...

And when she's back, waiting for a treat from her trip. I really have to get my paws on everything!

I can't wait for momma to get back. But we can't play yet because she can't get exhausted, or her surgical wound may bleed again :( See you, momma! We miss you!


Hallo Rue! Hallo Jonna! Get better soon, h00man momma. :)

Thanks, Chiqui Perez ! I'm now recovering at home, taken care of by my personal nurse, Qish :) He never leaves my side, even when I do my toilet/shower activities :D

I hope everything went well!

Nubbin wiggles,

Yep, @fb8cc51592ffcfa742142533eef5b051 , I'm now recovering at home :)

Oh my!  Thank goodness you are okay na, Jonna!  Hope the kitties are behaving well now that you are home :D

Yep, they've both been good, just sleeping the whole time with me :)

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