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About QISH

Siam-ish QISH

When I was a kitten, I was rejected by a pet shop.  I thought that was bad, because I thought I am not lovable.  But as it turned out, it was a blessing in disguise!  I've heard of so many bad things and horror stories about pets that stay in a pet shop (fleas, mites, diseases, bad health in general).

My breeder thought no one else would buy me, so they took care of me like their own.  But future momma then was sad and she wanted to have a kitty who will purr at her when she goes home from work, so she asked around and found out that her teammate in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu breeds Siamese cats --and that he has a "leftover" kitten.  That was me.

Momma arranged for me to be bought and picked up, and I warmed up to her right away the first time I saw her.  That was on August 18, 2007.  However, I didn't know she'll take me to her home!  I hated her for that, and didn't let her sleep because I was howling all night.  The next day, I still wouldn't eat, and she got so worried that she wanted to take me back to my breeder's home if I still wouldn't get comfy in her house.  But soon after, I got hungry and things turned out to be okay with her.  In fact, I started loving her in a few days.  She's a great momma, you see!

When she picked me up, my body was still white.  But now that I have matured, I'm all dark and brown, which makes me look macho I think :)

In June 2009, I used up one of my nine lives.  It started with ear mites, then after a week, I started having blisters on my ears.  Momma and I had to go back to Vets in Practice Animal Hospital several times, until one day, I seemed like I stopped my interest in life.  I was lethargic, I just stayed on top of momma's closet, and I didn't want to eat no matter how persistent momma was.  She was devastated.  When we went back to the hospital, the vet said I had to stay.  They immediately put an IV drip on me, and momma left with a heavy heart.  That was on a Monday.

Tests were made, and Dr. Nielsen Donato and the other vets still couldn't find out what's wrong with me.  My test results were negative of whatever they are testing me for (hyperthyroidism, organ failure, etc.).  By Wednesday, I looked like my life was just hanging by a thread.  Dr. Nielsen suspected I had autoimmune disease, and as he explained, momma learned that it's like AIDS but the opposite -- my autoimmune system gets bored, works overtime, and decides to attack my healthy cells (my ears, for example) since the system couldn't find any bacteria or virus to attack.  He said that I will be injected with steroids, and that our courses of treatment are slimming.  He talked about one case that is so rare the medicines will have to be bought overseas.

Momma hugged me for over two hours at the hospital.  She left with tears in her eyes.  She went straight to the Church and cried for a long time, praying that my kitty soul be saved.  She started texting grandma and her best friend for emotional support, and for more prayers.

The next day, Thursday, momma was too scared to visit me for fear that I may look worse than yesterday.  But she went anyway, and she was so delighted when she saw me start grooming myself!  I didn't know how she saw it, but she said I looked a lot better (although I still looked very sick!).   The improvement of my condition continued, and by Sunday, I was discharged!  I needed a lot of care to recuperate, and momma started by disinfecting the whole house before bringing me home.

After about a week, we came back to the hospital to see Dr. Nielsen again, who, by this time, is already my hero!  He saved my life!  Because my condition improved and he didn't think I needed another shot of 'roids, he talked to momma to discount autoimmune disease.  They then concluded that it is a food allergy because momma let me try a new flavor of Nature's Variety, from rabbit to chicken.

Momma became so obsessed with studying cat nutrition after what happened.  She now plans to write in this blog once in a while to educate other hooman kitty parents about proper nutrition.

Now I share my home with Rue, that pesky perky classic tabby that momma rescued from the street.  She is so annoying sometimes, because she wants to play all the time!  But I totally love her.  Who wouldn't, she's adorable!  And my momma is the best, I love her! :)


Qish is so adorable!!! Kakagigil, especially when he was all white.

Aww...I have a little Siamese that adopted me. They're a special breed.

Yes, they are! I love everything about Siamese :)

im glad that Qish got well. We also have 3 cats. 1 female puspin named Princess Jocjoc, 1 male puspin named No-no and 1 male Siamese named Kootchi-ku.

We feed them Princess Cat food, and sometimes we mix it 9Lives. I hope our chosen cat food is ok and won't affect their health.

I almost cried reading this. I had a special cat (half blind and deaf) which was lost when i was a thousand miles away from it. i was celebrating my birthday while it was perhaps looking for me. my family didnt see it then. It has been yrs dat i lost Kaleido. i was always happy being with it. it made me feel SPECIAL.

I love cats! Glad he survived... What a lucky cat because of his momma!

What a great happily ever after story. ☺

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