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Thursday, May 29, 2014

This Baby Was About to be Thrown Off a Bridge :(

-- Hooman Momma

I was so mad last night!!! I was walking on the MRT Shaw station bridge from Shangri-la, and the maintenance guy (or probably one of the food cart vendors) was holding this kitten, dangling her over EDSA and about to throw her from the bridge while he was laughing with the other vendors!!! I don't know if he was kidding but F*CK HIM!!! 

How can someone even think of hurting this innocent face? :(

JONNA: Hoy anong ginagawa mo??? (What do you think you're doing???)
JERK: Pinapatapon ho ni Sir eh. (My boss is asking me to discard her.)
JONNA: Alam mo ba na pwede ka makulong sa gagawin mo? At magbabayad ka ng P100,000?!? Akin na yan!!! (Do you know that you can be jailed for that? And you have to pay P100,000! Give me the kitten!)

Luckily I have a sack-like canvas bag with me so I put her there. I realized she was purring inside when we got home. I was sobbing madly out of anger. She is super sweet and well-behaved like Rue, and was very lady-like while having her dinner! And she knows how to use the litterbox already! I'm keeping her in my balcony and she's supposed to go to her furever home next week, but I'm not so sure about that...I think she's trying to make our home hers! She's charming her way to our heart! 

Oh, and I'm naming her SHAWN :)

This is her little home :)
Rue: I am watching you, Shawn. I am watching you.


That was very rude!!! He should be the one thrown off the bridge! The nerve! Shawn is such a cutie! Look at that face!


That is so nice of you to save her and find her a nice forever home. I get so angry when I hear about people treating cats like that maintenance guys did.

Seriously?!? This is the exact reason I have sincere doubts about the human race. You saved the kitten's life and I'm pretty sure that you are meant to have her in your life. I mean how many times have you ever saved a cat at the exact moment it was about to be tossed off a bridge? Just saying... ☺

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