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When I was a kitten, I was rejected by a pet shop. I thought that was bad, because I thought I am not lovable. But as it turned out, it was a blessing in disguise! I've heard of so many bad things and horror stories about pets that stay in a pet shop (fleas, mites, diseases, bad health in general).

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About RUE

I am Rue, and I am your lil cat fairy. No, I don't have superpowers, but I do have super charms. I bring lots of mischief to my hooman momma, but she still thinks sweetly of me. I get naughty a lot of times, but she thinks it's cute! Only because I am charming, and I have the biggest eyes and the pink-est nose in the cat world!

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Something Moved! (Video)

...as I was changing the sheets.

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OMG Moment of Horror

I love going inside things -- boxes, closets, cupboards -- anything that provides dark privacy to my liking. So imagine my excitement when I found the microwave oven slightly open on the countertop. I had to investigate, of course. It smelled of chicken, perhaps the dinner I just had. It was still warm, so it was perfect.

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This Is Embarrassing (Video)

I don't think momma understands that this embarrasses me. And to add insult to the injury, she posted it in YouTube with this fancy schmancy music! My momma is B-A-D!!!

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

We Are Still Fighting...

-- Hooman Momma

Saab's eyes on Sept. 22, 2013. His left eye is smaller than his right, and the iris has a red-orange tint.

It's been three weeks since we saw the first symptom of FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) on Saab. In the past three weeks, everyday is a celebration of life. I feel blessed for being able to spend great time with him despite the death sentence on a short notice. His health is failing each day. But if love can move mountains, then it can also heal. Saab may eventually lose the battle, but we know that in the end it will be a fight well fought because we are with him every step of the way.  I won't give up this fight as long as his body is still fighting.

Saab's eyes on Oct. 6, 2013. His right eye's shape is now irregular, and his bloodshot left eye is cloudy.

Meet Saab's crew at The Pet Project Vet Clinic! They all make sure his stay there is warm and fuzzy :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Prayers for the PAWsome Cats Family

-- Hooman Momma

I am sorry we haven't been posting lately. We have been going through terrible times.


Qish was confined on September 8 (Sun) for kidney flushing. His creatinine was a bit elevated at 2.3, and was discharged on September 11 (Wed) with his creatinine back to normal at 1.9.


Sept. 20 (Fri) - I noticed that Saab's eyes are not evenly dilated. His left eye seems smaller.

Sept. 21 (Sat) - We went to The Pet Project, our vets' new clinic. His blood was drawn, did some tests, and found out that his WBC (sign of infection) is high and his platelet is 0 (zero!!!). He was given Vibravet (doxycycline) and Tobrex eye drops. He tested negative for FIV/FeLV, which is good news!

Sept. 22 (Sun) - Saab seems lethargic, which is how he is in the past week. He just sleeps all day.

Sept. 23 (Mon) - Saab's eyes look worse. By now it seems that the small veins in his left iris have ruptured, giving a red-orange tint to it.

Sept. 24 (Tue) - I was advised by our vets to bring Saab back to the clinic. Then they told me Saab could have dry FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), with 80% chance of being positive. I was devastated. I know it is a killer disease, and that there is no cure. And that everything happens fast from the date it's diagnosed. What will happen to Saab? How about Qish and Rue? Do they have it, too? I left Saab at the clinic for observation. I walked for 40 minutes from the clinic to our home in my office attire, because if I could walk to the end of the earth and back, I would. Just so everything will fall into place again.

Sept. 25 (Wed) - I was crying all night and I couldn't bring myself to work. I cried some more, and disinfected our home. I replaced their litterboxes and beddings. I visited Saab, and because he had his first dose of steroids, he seemed like he was back to his mischievous self again.

Sept. 26 (Thu) - He gained some weight, which gave us a little hope.

Sept. 27 (Fri) - Saab wouldn't touch his food, and just slept all day. 

Sept. 28 (Sat) - We celebrated Christmas early with Saab, in case he doesn't make it to his first Christmas. It was a little gathering with friends who understand. Saab loves being the center of attention and he enjoyed greeting guests and making sure their plates are full.

Sept. 29 (Sun) - Saab enjoyed going out to the balcony and rolling around under the sun. We visited him twice. I noticed some gray opaque spots on his left eye. It looks like it is getting worse. We've sent his blood sample to the lab to repeat the tests.

Sept. 30 (Mon) - We got the test results. It gave us a little hope, because his lymphocytes went up (in FIP, it should go down) and his globulin went down but still elevated. Maybe it's not FIP after all! My heart was full of hope.

Oct. 1 (Tue) - I had to say goodbye to Saab because I won't be able to visit in the next few days. I am attending the Social Business Summit and I'll be away. He seemed fine, although I noticed that his tummy is a little big.

Oct. 2 (Wed) - Dr. Melay reported that Saab was eating well and slept on the laptop.

Oct. 3 (Thu) - The news that I had been dreading to hear...Dr. Melay confirmed that his stomach is getting bigger, a classic sign of wet FIP. The vets are now 95% sure that Saab has FIP. Once it becomes the effusive form (wet FIP), it all goes downhill from there. I am seriously devastated right now. If only I could run back to Manila and hug Saab tight right now...

Sorry if this post is all over the place. My mind is, too. I just can't accept that this is happening to Saab, to us. But I am still praying for a miracle...

I will write about FIP in my next post, just to help people understand about it. I have researched extensively about this since the vets told me about the possibility of Saab having it. I am even getting support from a Facebook group of FIP Fighters.

We need everyone's prayers. If there's really nothing that can be done, then please help me pray that Saab won't suffer anymore, that it will be a peaceful passing.

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