About QISH

When I was a kitten, I was rejected by a pet shop. I thought that was bad, because I thought I am not lovable. But as it turned out, it was a blessing in disguise! I've heard of so many bad things and horror stories about pets that stay in a pet shop (fleas, mites, diseases, bad health in general).

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About RUE

I am Rue, and I am your lil cat fairy. No, I don't have superpowers, but I do have super charms. I bring lots of mischief to my hooman momma, but she still thinks sweetly of me. I get naughty a lot of times, but she thinks it's cute! Only because I am charming, and I have the biggest eyes and the pink-est nose in the cat world!

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Something Moved! (Video)

...as I was changing the sheets.

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OMG Moment of Horror

I love going inside things -- boxes, closets, cupboards -- anything that provides dark privacy to my liking. So imagine my excitement when I found the microwave oven slightly open on the countertop. I had to investigate, of course. It smelled of chicken, perhaps the dinner I just had. It was still warm, so it was perfect.

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This Is Embarrassing (Video)

I don't think momma understands that this embarrasses me. And to add insult to the injury, she posted it in YouTube with this fancy schmancy music! My momma is B-A-D!!!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy 3rd Rescue-versary, RUE!

-- Hooman Momma

So, it's been 3 years since I found a tiny, dirty furball on the street and decided to take that little thing home (her story HERE). It was out of pity, really, but I did not initially intend to keep her. What I didn't know was that this orange fellow has set her eyes upon me, and actually chose to be with me! I will forever regret had I decided not to take her home, because, really, she's my family's cute bundle of fur and mischief! If not for her charming persistence, Qish and I (and everyone who loves PAWsome Cats) wouldn't know a wonderfully beautiful ginger kitty who stole the hearts and touched the lives of quite a number of people. I love you so much, Rue! Stay pretty :)

Days before her birthday, her right eye got infected. It was so bad that she was crying (tears rolling down) all the time, and the eyelids were swollen and pinkish-red. I brought her to the vet because I can't stand seeing her that way :(

Her right eye was completely shut that night, but she still insisted on playing on the iPad:

Now she's looking better:

Well, just in time for her birthday :) We didn't have a pawty for Rue, but we took her to Starbucks (in the branch where she is well-loved by the guard!) and gave her some Vanilla Frapp and Banoffee Pie (without the chocolate sauce, of course). I don't give them hooman food everyday, but it's her birthday so I let her enjoy a little bit of sinful goodness!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I've Got a Confession to Make...

Hooman Momma

I am PAWsome Cats, and my cats are iPaddicts! Halp!

It started when I downloaded an app with a laser dot. I showed it to Rue, and she found it amusing. I found Rue playing with the iPad amusing, so I gave her more apps. She has virtual playmates -- fishes, mice, butterflies, spiders, bugs -- in all shapes and colors. She even has apps that make her a Pica(t)sso wannabee. Now all she does is play with the iPad whenever she sees it. If I am using it, she swats on the screen and messes up whatever I am working on. If I tell her to stop, she covers the screen with her body. She won't let me use it until I let her play with her favorite games for a good 5 to 10 minutes. And now she even led Qish to start on this iPaddiction, too! Qish is still learning, but is also slowly getting iPaddicted.

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