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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sitting Idle in the Cafe

-- Rue

I've been really busy lately, collecting stamps on my card. How many times do I have to come back here and entertain the silly guard and parking attendant (they wave at me when they see me from outside the glass wall)? I want that planner! 

You know, I wouldn't really mind going to the cafe if they would let me walk around and say hi to people. But momma always tells me to stay in my carrier and just watch people go by. What a bummer!


Carizza Chua,  Qish hates going out! I wish we could actually bring him to places, too, like Rue :( Qish also doesn't like being held by other people and will put up a fight if you insist :(

oh i see. thought he's always left behind. he's masungit pala! XD

This is the cutest!  Sana pwede din si Nug, but I think I will need a carrier with wheels :D

Hahaha! Or you can use a pet trolley, meowbykate :) Happy 10th birthday to Nugget!!!

Btw, Rue looks a bit different in the second photo.  Parang suddenly so "adult" :D does that even make sense? :P

Talaga? Never noticed that hehe. But, you know, Rue is actually an adult already! She just acts like a kitten :D

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