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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Have You Seen the Best Movie Ever?

-- Rue

Have you been to the cinemas lately? I hope so, because I hope you have seen the best movie hoomans have made for us kitties!

I am talking about Puss in Boots, of course! If you didn't fall in love with his swashbuckling swagger, then you have a heart of stone. Or you're a tom cat. 

Puss is so funny! But wanna know a little secret? I think he is my brother! We're both orphans, you see, and we both love our momma. Puss has a golden heart, and I do, too! Puss has an egg (I don't like Humpty Dumpty that much though, because he duped Puss!) for a best friend and brother, and I have a Siamese as my brother and best friend. He has a love interest, Kitty SoftPaws, and I have my boyfriend, Miumiu. He is an international celebrity, and I am an international internet sensation. But the most important thing is, his mission is to save the world with his sword and boots; my mission is to save the world, well, with my cuteness! See, so many similarities, I really think we share the same genes! Yay for domestic shorthair breed, a.k.a. the native/stray/mongrel cats! In the Philippines, we are called "Puspins" or Pusang Pinoy (Filipino Cats).

I think I could have done better if they got me for the movie though. No offense, my brother Puss, but who do you think is cuter?

Momma is loving the Puss in Boots apps she downloaded on her iPhone. I think it works on iPad, too! Here's the free Pose with Puss app, where you can watch videos, see Puss dance, hear him repeat what you say, and take photos with the characters like the ones above! So Cute! The other is Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots for $0.99 where you slash fruits for that slushy sound.

Also, in case you haven't been to McDonald's yet, they have Puss in Boots toys in their Happy Meal! Yay! I have everything, and this one sits on momma's desk at work:

Here are the other characters (on the background is the box of the Puss in Boots dance mat I got):


we LOVED the movie too!  I think it's a MUST see for all gingers :D  btw, that's a nice Puss in Boots collection!  we only have the big eyed puss, the fat puss and the one with the sword :D

Ooohh, where did you get the fat Puss, meowbykate ? :)

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