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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am Puss in Boots!

-- Rue

Oh, people always tell me my eyes are sooo big I look like Puss in Boots! I am glad they see me as a celebrity look-alike, but I don't like it because I am my own celebrity

This is super late post, but on the opening night of the movie (Oct. 28) in Eastwood City, I met Puss in Boots myself! I got to hold his paw and had a few photos with him! I didn't expect him to be as big as momma though.

I told you he's big! It was a fashion show of kitties for Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA), and I got to take a beautiful Puss in Boots Dance Mat home. But because I don't dance, we used it as a mat when we went to the park:


OMG! we is jelas!!!  I wanted to meet the mascot but found about the event nung tapos na. hahahaha.  FAIL!!!  I love Rue's face in the last photo :D  Congratulations again!

Awwww, meowbykate ! Sayang! Puss made a few mall and cinema tours pa naman :(

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