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Friday, November 18, 2011

Poor Baby :(

-- Rue

We found this little one in Ayala Triangle Gardens last Sunday. Momma had to chase two kids who were chasing and scaring her away! 

My heart goes out to strays on the street, because it really is such a hard life out there. I should know, I came from the street! I don't even want to remember the hard times anymore -- moments when you wanted a momma but had no one, times when you were so hungry but there was no food, nights when it would get really cold but had no home :( I am lucky to have found my hooman momma and brother Qish.

I shared my food with her, and we even came back after dinner to give her more food. She's a very sweet kitty! She sat beside us and gave momma some head bumps. Oh, and in case you didn't notice, she's an odd-eyed kitty -- one eye is blue, the other's green! How cool is that!

If you have an extra warm space in your home, you think you can share a good life with this baby? She is still in Ayala Triangle Park, trying her luck on begging for food from kind-hearted people. But luck is not always on her side, as she looks frail and thin. But she's just as sweet as every privileged cat!


She looks like a thin Kumo :,(

I actually remembered Kumo when I saw her! :(

Oo nga, parang si Kumo. How I wish I can take in every hungry stray cat I see. Nakakaawa. There are a lot of strays in our area pero malulusog naman itsura.

Hayy, wish ko rin yan, @00b161d0813e12fe7c28bdcb64efc02d ! My dream is to have a cat sanctuary in a farm, where cats can roam freely and they will be well taken care of. Hayyy ulit... :(

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