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Monday, July 18, 2011


- Hooman Momma

I got the kitties a tray of live wheatgrass (P125/US$2.90) from SM Supermarket. I have been wanting to have some fresh greens in the house for them to munch on, just like outdoor cats. Because I can't grow a garden in my condo apartment, the wheatgrass tray would be a good alternative.

As always, the kitties got busy as soon as I put down the grocery bags. When I opened the grass tray, Qish sniffed right away. But he doesn't know what to make of it! Rue, on the other hand, started munching as soon as she saw it.

Looking out to her small "garden"

She's been munching from time to time since the grass has arrived in the house, getting a dose of fresh greens in between her beauty sleep. What a cutie! And here's her video enjoying her grass:


Nug loves wheatgrass! :) nom nom nom!

We'll have to look into that for our kitties.  They are inside cats as well.

Nubbin wiggles,Oskar

Hi @fb8cc51592ffcfa742142533eef5b051 ! Rue loves it, but Qish just ignores it. I guess it's not for everyone (err, every cat), but you can try it with your kitties :)

I should try this, my cat eats the grass in the compound but throws up afterwards, does Rue throw up after he eats the wheatgrass?

Hi @google-ea50e347aa86c94cd022dad71dfeacf1:disqus ! She only threw up once, when I was handfeeding the grass to her and I realized I fed even the hard part of the stalk. She normally gets a good dose twice (hand fed) and she would graze throughout the day. But I think barfing is normal, because I remember our cats back in the province would also eat the grass outside our house, then throw up later. Maybe that's their way of "curing" themselves of whatever illness/discomfort they may feel.

i've been trying to find seeds to plant indoors for our cats--but i just could not find then (or maybe im not looking well enough ^_^) thanks for the tip. ill look for a tray of wheat grass in SM ^_^

There are seeds being sold in Bow & Wow. I bought one in December 2010, and I still haven't planted it until now! Haha. I don't exactly have a green thumb, so buying the tray from SM works better for me :D Let me know if your kitties like it, @1a49d2009781552b44f089b819af9325  :)

Hi. Just wanna ask how do you feed the grass to cats? Cut it up or just let the cat nibble on the grass by itself?  And how do you take care of the wheatgrass so it won't die? Thanks so much

Hi Mandu Ya ! Rue likes to nibble from the grass tray, but she eats more when I cut the stalk and handfeed it to her. The wheatgrass has a short life, usually just about a week, so what I do is leave half on the tray for Rue to munch on, cut the other half from the roots and "preserve" them in the fridge for handfeeding later after the grass in the tray dries. It normally remains crisp up to two weeks.

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