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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Little Miss Turns 2!

-- Hooman Momma

So the little miss turned two yesterday. 

Two years ago, she charmed her way to my heart. I'm so glad she chose me on that dark street. Qish and I couldn't be happier! 

Happy birthday, dear princess Rue!

Yep, she wore a pretty party dress!
Qish in the carrier.

Rue fell asleep wearing her party dress, like a little kid!
Too cuuuute!
mooooore cuteness!
Taken during her photo shoot at The Picture Company. I had this printed on 11x14 sintra board.


Oh, magkasunod sila ni Uma namin! Our girl turned 1 on the 23rd. Love that pic from The Picture Company, I didn't know they do pet portraits. Parang gusto ko rin pa-picture-an mga pusa ko. :-) I want to get them dresses, too! :P Haha, I'm so inggitera!

sooo adorable! happy birthday!

Hahaha, go @00b161d0813e12fe7c28bdcb64efc02d:disqus ! I was obliged to pay for the membership in The Picture Company kasi I wanted to buy the digital file, pero they wouldn't let me unless I'm a member :( Pero ok lang, we get unlimited free photo sessions and a little discount on prints. I got the dress from Bow & Wow, suuuuper cute talaga! :)

Thanks, @carizzachua:disqus ! :)

Happy birthday, Rue!  You are so pretty <3  Kumo will be celebrating his 1st birthday naman in August.

Thanks, @meowbykate:disqus ! Advanced happy birthday to Kumo :)

Happy birthday to your little beauty!

Nubbin wiggles,

Kakagigil ka talaga Rue ever! Happy birthday!

BTW, tell your Momma I nominated her (along with Toney Sevilla, Lei Solas and myself) at the Emerging Influential Blog 2011 project:

You guys are so adorable!

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