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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend at the Park

-- Rue

Because momma has been travelling (her travel blog HERE), she didn't have the time to take me to the park in the past weeks. What a bummer! I've always loved watching the birds and enjoying my own sunbeam at the park. So I had to remind her of her momma duties last weekend! Good thing she obliged. I had a grand time in Ayala Triangle Park and Greenbelt 5. Oh, and we went shopping again in Bow & Wow! Yee-meow!

Here's how I pleaded to momma. Who can resist such a face?
enjoying my sunbeam at the park

relaxing at the cafe while sipping chilled tea!
Oh, and here's our latest loot:

Kitty Kaviar Bonito Treat, ORKAkat Catnip Stuffers, and Cat Silver Vine Powder

Kitty Kaviar from Bow & Wow - We loooooooooove our bonito treat! Qish didn't like it at first, but I knew I'll love it on my first sniff! I couldn't get enough of it!

ORKAkat Catnip Stuffers from Bow & Wow - Ok, we were amused for about 15 minutes, then we forgot about it. I think momma was quite upset that we didn't play with it that much, teehee.

Cat Silver Vine Powder from Saizen - I had the ultimate "high" with this! Waaaaaay better than catnip! They say it's Japanese catnip because it's popular in Japan and the plant grows there, too. We loooooove it! Momma sprinkles it over Qish's food when he loses his appetite, and it works for him well.


Excellent looking kitty treats!  I hope you get to spend lots of time at the park!

Nubbin wiggles,

Ayala Triangle really is inviting, ne? I'm glad they're pet friendly. :D

Yep, one of those few places that are truly pet friendly. Rue loves the Ayala Triangle Park and Greenbelt 5. We normally just walk to Greenbelt when it's starting to get hot and Rue needs her air-conditioned room fix haha. Plus she looooves walking around the Bow & Wow store on a leash!

Yep I did, @fb8cc51592ffcfa742142533eef5b051:disqus ! Lots of sunbeams, too :)

Where can I get Silver Vine in the USA?  I tried bringing some back from Japan, but the dept of Agriculture confiscated it at the airport.  I'm told it grows in Washington state.

Hi @c58fb75db35a9766bd1bbc3458dd0652 ! Do you have thrift Japanese stores in the US (Daiso, Japan Home Center)? That's where I get it here in the Philippines. I did a quick Google, and this is what I found, and they ship globally:

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