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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today I am 1-year-old Again!

-- RUE

Not all of you know that same day last year, I almost lost my wonderful kitty life.

My grandma was sewing my momma's pants, and I wanted to play with the strings. So I sneaked into her stash, and stole a long string. I played with it with so much gusto, and I thought it was good food, so I started swallowing it. Little did I know that it had a sharp needle at the end!

Grandma was horrified when she saw a glimpse of a shiny thing on my tongue. But like magic, it was gone when she forced open my mouth! Momma rushed me to the vet's clinic, and she cried when she saw this:

Dr. Riza didn't let me go home anymore and scheduled me for an emergency surgery. And while everyone was contemplating on who they'll vote for (it was on the same day as the May 2010 presidential elections), momma was so worried about what will happen to me!

That afternoon, Dr. Nielsen opened my stomach and took out the needle, string and other things I chewed on. (WARNING: graphic images!)

Eeeew! That's my gut!
Here's what they got: needle, string, and part of momma's shawl
comparing the needle to a P5-coin
And this was me right after the surgery. I was so weak and I wasn't really happy with what they did to me! They didn't let me eat for three days. I had an IV drip, and they only allowed me to go home after staying for six days at the hospital. SIX DAYS! Momma must have missed me, because she was there twice a day to visit me -- morning and evening.

I looked ugly! :(

I am really thankful that momma, grandma, Dr. Riza, Dr. Nielsen and everyone at Vets In Practice Animal Hospital love me so much they took great care of me. But I wasn't too happy that I had five stitches on my stomach, and it hurt so much when they took them out. But I'm glad I've lived through that. I won't be blogging if I didn't, imagine that!

Here's the awesome Recovery Suite of VIP Animal Hospital:


lovely suite! galing. :)

You have the best mom, Rue! So glad you made it <3 This post made me teary eyed!

Mukhang wala ka talagang ginagawa dyan haha :)

Awww, thanks! We go the extra mile when our babies are in danger! I'm sure you'll do the same for your babies :)

Now I know how tough but fulfilling to be a 'parent' :)

BTW, I have my own cat! Her name is 'Bebeng'. I just found her last night while I was walking outside our home.

Toney Sevilla I'm sure you'll be a good pet parent, Toney! :) I'm glad you found the kitten (or the kitten found its way to you).

Grabe, I remember this. Thank goodness, she's ok!

 Rue! You made me cry. :'(

@4928c04d5458628884c2fdac4cb71e80 > Awwww I cried buckets, too, when this happened! Pilya kasi si Rue :) 

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