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Thursday, May 26, 2011

iPad We Want!

-- Qish & Rue

We want an iPad. Srsly. Because we want this game!


Oh, I want an iPad din tuloy! That fish game is so cool!

My sister sometimes uses the cat's paw to play Veggie Samurai on her iPhone, so cute. 

I downloaded this app on my iPhone:

Rue loves it! Sometimes she taps on my phone even if the screen is off, I think she's hoping that the red dot will come out. Now I am convinced to get an iPad because of this haha! Must be a nice Christmas gift to ourselves, right @00b161d0813e12fe7c28bdcb64efc02d ? :)

Wah ang cute! Looks like Rue will be using the iPad more than you.

Haha ngayon pa nga lang inaagaw na yung iPhone! Feeling ko mas enjoy for them sa iPad kasi mas malaki. Na-convince ako bumili because of this haha :)

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