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Sunday, September 26, 2010

QISH is Home!

-- Hooman Momma

Qish went home yesterday!  Yay!  Both cats were sort of feeling weird about each other, sniffing yet avoiding to touch each other.

On Sept. 21 (Tuesday), I brought Qish to Vets in Practice Animal Hospital because he hasn't been gaining any weight from all the extra food that he's been gobbling up lately.  He's been on multivitamins and appetite stimulant because he started losing interest in food about two or three weeks ago.  He's been eating well since he last saw Dr. Riza, but I noticed his spine and ribs are sticking out of his fur.  He's dead thin, the thinnest I've seen of him.  Dr. Riza did a comprehensive blood test and after about 30 minutes, she knew what was wrong -- his creatinine values are elevated at 2.3, which means that his kidneys are not functioning.  She asked me to leave Qish at the hospital for kidney flushing.  

On the two instances that I visited Qish at the animal hospital, he was looking good and was a total sweetheart.  He would purr, rub his face on my hand, and was so alert he even wanted to jump off his cage!  It was heartbreaking to leave him there, because everytime I close his cage, he would extend his paw and try to grab my arm, as if telling me "Don't leave me here, momma!" :(

So yesterday (Sept. 25, Saturday), after four days on IV drip, Qish got tested again and his values are back to normal.  Dr. Riza says he has acute renal failure, which, fortunately, is still reversible (chronic renal failure is irreversible).  But he still has to receive sub Q (subcutaneous fluids) every other day.

Qish is now doing well at home, taking some time off from Rue and myself by hiding under the bed.  I guess he wants some "me" time!  But so far Rue is leaving him alone because I think she smells something different on Qish -- perhaps because of the IV drip or the medicines that were given to him.  But I'm just glad that Qish is back home to cuddle with me at night :)



so glad that Qish is home :) Hugs from Nugget!

Thanks Kate and Nugget :)

Thanks Kate and Nugget :)

so glad that Qish is home :) Hugs from Nugget!

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