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Monday, September 13, 2010

How Was Your Weekend?

-- Rue

Ask me!  Ask me!

How was my weekend?  I had a great one! :)

Qish and I went to Vets in Practice Animal Hospital to get dewormed, and everyone there were all over me again!  I'm a charmer and a heartthrob, me thinks :)  They all wanted to have a photo wif meeeee!  After a few mintues, my boyfriend Miumiu came in.  We acted like we were embarrassed, but check him out, he looks cute, too!  No worries, we're both spayed and neutered so we're just friends, really.

Miumiu, my boyfriend!
wink ;)

With my charming vet, Dr. Riza Zunio:

And this is the resident supervisor cat at the hospital:

PAWsome-ness, with all these beautiful cats (myself included)!

Momma and gramma brought me to the park/mall after.  I loved watching the birdies!  We were under the tree, momma and gramma were sipping Starbucks coffee while feeding the birds so that they'll be around me.  I was a good cat and just stayed put, although I really wanted to chase after them!  Of course I had my leash on, and momma wouldn't let me do that.

We walked a little bit, lounged a bit, had some lunch and gelato, then headed home.  It was fuuuuun!



Big-eyed kitties are teh loff!!!! <3 :3 *melts*

Big-eyed kittehs are just too cute to look at! :)

Big-eyed kitties are teh loff!!!! <3 :3 *melts*

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