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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meet the Shiny Little Shadow

-- Hooman Momma

I've always wanted a black cat, so when I spotted this tiny baby who was just rescued from the street, I fell in love with him. He was with his very weak and small orange tabby brother, who, sadly, didn't make it till the next day. But no matter how much I wanted him, I didn't bring him home right away. Rue was still sick, and I made a pact with our vet that if and when Rue gets better, that's the only time that I will get to enjoy the company of this new kitten. She didn't want Rue to be stressed by a new family member.

Why is my brother so small? Why can't he move his legs?

Adorbs. Pure adorbs.

On Easter Sunday, Rue got a clean bill of health so we picked up the tiny shadow. We had him checked, and we quarantined him. He wasn't allowed to mingle with the adult cats right away, until he was cleared of any illness/fleas/mites that might be picked up by the overly sheltered Qish and Rue. Qish immediately accepted him and in two days, they were already friends. Rue, however, would hiss at the tiny one whenever he comes near her. It took a week before Rue finally decided that this baby will be part of the PAWsome Cats family.

It took me longer to think of a name, actually. I wanted a Portuguese name, because of my love for Brazilian Jiujitsu, so after sleepless nights of searching for the perfect name, I picked Sábio Leãozinho, which is the literal translation of wise little lion. His nickname is Saab :)

He's extremely playful and fast! The big kitties often get tired of playing with him because he just have so much energy, like the Energizer bunny :) We're so excited as we watch him grow and get smarter!


poor orange kitty! reminds me of a tiny Nuggie and Rue :( Very happy that Saab made it though. He looks like a fighter <3 Looking forward to seeing him grow with big brother Qish and big sister Rue :D

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