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Thursday, May 30, 2013

False Fire Alarm

-- Hooman Momma

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Sorry for not posting for over a month!

This morning, I was roused from sleep at 4:00 am by a VERY LOUD FIRE ALARM. I panicked, and when I saw Rue running to hide under the bed, I grabbed whatever I can -- which means I grabbed her by her tail, then pulled her little legs. All I know was that I will not let her go at any cost, because I know in my heart that I will never leave my condo apartment without any of the furbabies. We'll be together whatever it takes.

After a good 5 minutes, the alarm stopped. At this point I managed to grab Rue's wriggling body, fighting to get out of my grip. I put her in the carrier but she was able to get out right away. At the same time, I was also putting my Mac in my "panic bag," which contains important papers/passport, some cash, backup drives and survival food and water. When the alarm stopped, I put all the kitties in the shower, and went down to the lobby to ask what happened. It turned out to be a FALSE FIRE ALARM. I was relieved that there was no real danger, but I'm so annoyed that the alarm would go off when not necessary. This is the second time that this happened!

When I went back, I gave Rue a comforting hug, but she didn't want me near her. She was scared of me :( I could have hurt her while I was trying to grab her, and the clumps of orange fur on my bed made me shiver. I gave her bonito flakes, her favorite treat, and I'm glad she ate from my hand but she still wouldn't let me cuddle her. She was traumatized. It took a good two hours before she started warming up to me again.

I felt terrible about what happened. I'm so sorry, baby Rue :( I just want you to be safe. Meanwhile, as Rue and I were struggling, Qish and Saab were like angels waiting for me to scoop them up and put them in the carrier. I'm glad those two were not scared!

Why did you pull my tail, momma? :(

Have you had any similar experience? How would you handle saving yourself and your furbabies, under extreme time pressure?


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