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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

PAWsome Updates

-- Rue

Homeygad I haven't blogged for over a month! Momma was away again and you know I can't actually use the keyboard, so I was just pretty much hanging out with Qish all the time. She even brought the iPad with her, so I didn't have access to the interwebz and my favorite fishing game! Anyway, here are bits of stuff on what happened while we were not blogging.


Since momma wasn't around for 9 days, grandma (lola) took care of us again and look at what she made for us! Now I can alternate this pretty new scarf with the one she made for me last August. She's the best lola in the world! Plus she gives us treats all the time so she's our favorite catsitter, too :)

New scarf, yay!

A scarf  for Qish, too! It perfectly complements Qish's blue eyes :)

And this is my current favorite: my lil charming princess dress! Lovingly knitted by my grandma! I swear I look super cute in it :)


Momma started a cat feeding program for the homeless kitties under Magallanes Interchange flyover. Right now she feeds 6 cats at night before going home. Her next project is to have them spayed so they stay a small family.


I won in Nestlé Purina's contest last Halloween, and look what I got! I am planning to give this to my homeless brothers and sisters pictured above.


I got two new Hello Kitty clothes! I super love them! Cat on cat, teehee :)


Look at what our momma did when she was in Phuket! She said she missed us so much so she hugged and kissed a local kitty :)


Oh Rue and Qish! I wanna hug you both! And squeeeze you! LOL

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