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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fashionista Rue

-- Rue

I have been so blessed lately. When momma went to Malaysia last month, we were left with grandma and she's the best catsitter and knitter! She made us fat and she made me the best accessories:

Can you see the little pom-pom on my head?! I so love this! A friend said I look like Amelia Earhart :))
And this scarf makes me look so sophisticated! I wear this everyday.

Then yesterday, I received a package from Aunt Trish and Aunt Tash (pet mommas of our Pom friends Jacks and Shachie), and it contains this supermegaultrafab hoodie with a Hello Kitty pouch! OMG I died of cuteness! Who doesn't love Hello Kitty, anyway?!

Momma said I am the cutest thing on earth! I guess all mommas say that to their kids :D


Sushal ka talaga, Fwend... Me? I so love my nakedness... And Mummah does too... Oops! I meant MY nakedness ha? Not hers... Ewww... Bleh...
♥ Arya

 Hahaha! You're so funny Arya! My momma hopes to meet you when she goes to your city :)

-- Rue

Oohhh yeah! Me too! And Mummah's pretty excited too... :D

I have to say that you do look absolutely adorable!

Nubbin wiggles,

cute rue.. I've read your profile and literally I have teary eyes.. Your story is so touching. Thanks to your moomma. You are rescued :) You are so popular now. I saw you when your moomma joined you in the Bow & Wow Next Pet Model, I said to myself, you have big pretty eyes. I thought your eyes were just edited. hihi.. Sayang, the judges didn't qualify you. Anyway, just drop by and saw all your photos and achievements, you totally rock. Congrats Rue!

Thank you very much, @f44e6417ad5adbe0d144bacde75a967b:disqus ! That was very heartwarming. Rue is a real joy to our family, and I guess to everyone who sees her photo on the internet. She's the nicest, friendliest and most sociable kitty I ever had. I love her so much :)

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