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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Qish Needs Your Prayers :'(

-- Hooman Momma

I left Qish at Vets in Practice Animal Hospital again. He will have to stay there for at least 3 days. He has been vomiting, drinking a lot and has lost his appetite lately. Because I am quite familiar with the symptoms already, I knew something's wrong.

When Qish suffered from acute renal failure in 2010, I was told that about 60% of his kidney function has been lost -- only 40% of his kidneys were functioning at that time. His creatinine was at 2.3, and we managed to bring it down to 1.8 after kidney flushing.

Today, his creatinine is at 2.6 -- the highest value we got in two years since he was diagnosed with renal failure. Only about 25% of his kidneys are functioning. Sadly, once you lose that part of the kidney, it can never recover again. Dr. Riza told me that we have to make sure his creatinine doesn't reach 3.0 in his lifetime, as it would be harder to manage by then. What's making it worse is that Qish hates being handled by other people. He actually has a reputation at the vet already, for being the most difficult cat patient they ever had.

I brought him dinner, and he looked very tired from struggling and fighting the people that handled him. He even hissed at me, and wouldn't let me touch him at first. I hate to see him that way, but I also want him to get better. I hope his disposition will be better tomorrow when I visit him again :'(


Oh no :(  We will be praying for Qish!  Hope he gets well soon!

Oh my... Have no fear Qish. We'll all be praying for you. Hugsss...

Qish is finally home, yay :)

Thank you for your prayers! Qish is finally home :)

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