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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Qish is Home! :)

-- Hooman Momma

It's been quite a rough week for our little kitty family. I had to leave Qish at Vets in Practice Animal Hospital on Sunday as his creatinine is at it's highest -- 2.6. I visited him everyday, and I saw him get better each day. Qish is not exactly the most sociable cat, so everytime someone from the hospital opens his cage, he hisses and tries to scratch/bite them. Well I guess he still owns the title, "Most Difficult Cat Patient of All Time" at the clinic :)

Finally after 5 days of confinement and kidney flushing, we went home on Thursday. He looked thrilled inside his carrier, but not after he threw a screaming/hissing fit at Dr. Riza when she was taking out his IV line. Dr. Riza is seriously our hero! No matter how badly Qish treats him, she never gives up on him. She is probably the only person in VIP who's heart doesn't skip a beat when handling Qish :)

While Qish was in the hospital, Rue was a little different -- she wouldn't play, and was very clingy. She would follow me around all the time! I guess she was a little confused as to why Kuya Qish wasn't home. She was a little weirded out by Qish's scent when he got home, but she started playing and running around around as soon as big brother was home! Whoever said that animals don't have feelings clearly hasn't lived with one!

Qish is still not back to his normal self, as he spends his time just hiding in his carrier and sleeping instead of bullying/playing with Rue. But I'm just so glad that he's home!

Here's the very feisty Qish while they were reinserting the IV line at the hospital:


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