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Friday, April 27, 2012

ConCATulations, PAWsome Winners!

-- Qish & Rue

Meet the PAWsome winners of our PAWsome Contests. ConCATulations! Oh, and thank you, Nestle Purina Fancy Feast and Whole Pet Kitchen for the PAWsome prizes! <3

PAWsome CAT Contest


Name of PAWsome Cat: TIMOTHY
Name of Owner: MJ Mary Joyce Ann Nanggan
Breed: Puspin
Gender: Female
Age: 5 months

"Wondering why Timothy has such a name even if she's a she? I'll tell you the story. All of my cats have a male name derived from the bible verse/passage I'm reading the particular day I got them.

It was on October 12 last year that my dad came home with this white little furry thing with him. The original plan was to feed her and when she's full, she will be brought back to the empty lot where she was found (my mom wouldn't allow me anymore to adopt a street cat since I already have three). At first glance, I became in love with this little creation. With her small body, I thought she wasn't able to eat any food since she could still be after her mother's milk. But I was so moved when she opened her mouth and tried to eat the chunk of food she was served. While looking at her, I realized that she was really giving her best shot -- a drive out of her will to survive.

In that instant my mom didn't let me to keep her. I remembered it was said in 2 Timothy 4:16-17: "... no one stood with me, but all forsook me... But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me...”. That time, despite persecution and rejection, I stood up. I stood not just for Timothy but for my passion to become a trustworthy steward for God's creations. I succeeded. Today, she was not anymore rejected, but is loved; she was not anymore weak, but is strengthened- just like me today, because God also found me and fought for me. Like Timothy, I was lost but now I'm found. And now, Timothy is a living symbol for this courage & gratitude. A stronger Timothy. A stronger me." -- MJ Nanggan


Name of PAWsome Cat: DUO
Name of Owner: Chiqui Perez
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years old

"Duo: named after “Duo Maxwell” from the Gundam Wing anime series for his frivolous, hearty, ne’er-do-well personality! That, and he’s of two colors: ginger and white, and is also part of a pair with his sister Madeleine, both of whom I have adopted from CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) more than a year ago.

This boy is more than a handful! He’s worth the naughtiness of a thousand curious, playful, and “LOOK MAMA! NO HANDS!” kittehs! Scar tissue on his right eye doesn’t stop him from seeing the world as his TOTAL playground. He jumps on counters, nibbles on chute laundry and would jump right into the washing machine as I’m about to put the clothes in, scratches on furniture, runs right to the middle of the bed when he just did his potty, and follows me around like there’s no tomorrow! To top all that, he never fears the disciplinary spray bottle! This earned him the names like “Puppy-Cat” and “Knucklehead,” but all in affection and good-spiritedness. Despite his many um, wayward kitty traits, he would still give kisses, guard my bedroom door, leave me er, pretty presents along with his sister, and still give me apologetic looks after a good scolding. He also loves sleeping on my clothes, and appreciates catnip with all his soul! He’s my buddy with a golden, non-jaded heart. Duo sees the beauty in anything and everything… and I see all the beauty in him." -- Chiqui Perez

PAWsome RESCUE Contest


Name of PAWsome cat: Nugget
Name of Owner: Katrina de Dios
Gender: Male
Age: 10 years

The story of Nugget :)

"The first time I saw Nugget, I was painting a portrait of myself.  We were in the middle of class when I looked out the window and noticed about 4 kittens moving around at the back of my classmate's Pick Up truck.  The kittens were really tiny and were getting baked in the sun... plus there was no box or cushion to protect them from the hot metal!  I remember saying something like "There are kittens outside!" loudly which I think annoyed our professor since the whole class followed me outside as I got them from the truck :D  As it turns out, my classmate's dad had placed the unwanted kittens there for disposal :(  As much as I wanted to take them all home with me, I knew that I could only take one.  I immediately fell in love with Nugget.  He was the smallest and squirmiest in the bunch yet I knew he was extra special because of his dark orange fur.  I've never seen any cat more orange than him before!  He looked like a chicken nugget- tiny and golden brown :)  Nugget and I have been through a lot the past 10 years - moving 3 times, death of my other beloved cat, Cubi, birthdays, vet visits, living with other cats (unsuccessfully with Kirby and now with Kumo), my wedding and many other fun experiences.  I love this cat so much that I have no words to describe how I feel.  Hopefully, we will have more happy years together along with Kumo." -- Kate de Dios


Name of PAWsome Cats:  Princess Joc-joc / No-no / Kootchi-ku
Name of Owner: Karl Joseph Ku
Gender: 1 Queen and 2 Toms
Age: 4, 3 and 2

"Several years ago, my dad heard a kitten crying outside our house. Worried that it might be in some sort of trouble, my dad went outside (he does not normally do this for an animal) and looked for the source of the cry. Within a few meters - under a car - dad found a small, pure white kitten. Probably, only a few weeks old. He took it inside and showed it to me. Instantly, I felt sympathy so I decided to keep it. My mom objected to the idea, but after a few encouraging words she finally agreed.

We decided to name the kitten “Princess Joc-joc”. Princess was still too young to eat solid food, so with the help of my mom and a couple of internet research, we’ve managed to successfully bottle feed Joc-joc with a home made milk formula that would be sufficient for its healthy growth. Each of us in the family gave time in taking care of her. Feeding her, cleaning her and even manually helping Princess to defecate and to micturate, since she’s not yet able to do it by herself. In short, Princess Joc-joc was well Loved by our family.

A year after - exactly three days before Typhoon/Hurricane Ondoy hit the metro - our house help found another cat outside our home. This time it was a black kitten, probably a few months old. Again, with a few discussions and proper reasoning, my parents decided to also keep the kitten. We named it, No-no. Now, since No-no practically got influenced by external environment, he had already developed traits that are not very appropriate indoors, such as stealing food from the table and rummaging the garbage bins. My mom suggested giving it away, but no one would take him. So, thanks to my dad, he suggested to just let No-no stay outside by the garage and to just continue feeding him.  Again, an act of kindness.

A few months ago, my grandmother spoke to me about her fellow golden lady who has Siamese Kittens for adoption. The owner was willing to give us one knowing that the kitten would be taken cared for. At first I was hesitant because I already have two grown cats and that they might impose territorial traits that could be harmful to the would-be kitten. Still, I agreed to the offer. We named the new kitten, Kootchi-ku.

True enough, Princess Joc-joc and No-no showed some adverse reactions to the new feline addition to the family. But after a few weeks, something amazing happened. We all witnessed how Princess and No-no seemed to have adopted Kootchi-ku. Both of them would take turns in cleaning/grooming Kootchi. They even slept with each other and let Kootchi eat on their bowl. It seemed that all the love, care and kindness that we showed and gave to both Joc-joc and No-no, they in turn reciprocated it to Kootchi-ku who was then still trying to adopt with the new environment.

Truly, what I see is…I guess, LOVE ^_^" -- Karl Joseph Ku


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