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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Is My Dream!


What do you want to be when you grow up? I always wanted to be a meow-del! You know, the ones that you see in magazines, newspapers, TV, billboards. Yeah, I have big dreams! I love posing for the camera!

So momma thought I should win in this contest to be the cover of a magazine. And I really love to be adored by many, but, but...I can't do it without you! I need hoomans (and furbabies, too) who have a Facebook account to support me in two easy steps:

1. LIKE Bow & Wow's page (skip this if you have previously liked this)

So that's it, very easy, right? It would be nice if you can share this with your friends, too! Please help me make my dream come true! THANKS! :)


Uh-oh, we just "liked" today.  Hope it's not too late (paws crossed).  I really hope Rue wins!  She is super cute <3

Eeep, thanks, kate ! But the contest ended last week. Rue was the only cat (and a puspin at that!) who made it to the top ten, but she didn't get the magazine cover contract, unfortunately :( But there may be another good news for her modeling "career", we're keeping our fingers...err, paws crossed! :)

that is a great accomplishment!  I hope there will be more puspins in ads (and Rue is purfect!).  Btw, how was your shoot in Picture company?  We are planning to have a family photo (Me and my "kids").  I haven't decided between Blow Up babies or Picture company :)

meowbykate :

Hmnn...honestly it could have been better, but it was acceptable. I do a little bit of photography and I know how hard it is how to capture a "rare" moment of our pets (I'm sure you know about this, too!), and when we were there, the strobes kept on conking out. Some of the earlier shots of Rue, which were supposedly good, became bad shots because they were dark. Quite stringent policy, too, of not selling the digital copy to non-members, so I got talked into buying the membership because I fell in love with Rue's photos and they wouldn't archive it if I weren't a member. So I had to shell out P2,000 which ensures that they will keep all Rue's digital file for future use, and that we have unlimited photo sessions for a year :) The offers with the membership were not bad, but I'll probably just maximize our 1-year membership and not renew after. We went to their Greenbelt 5 branch, by the way.

I'll do a "family portrait" with the kitties, too! Soon :) I wish Qish would be more sociable and less nervous when being brought outside :) How about your kitties? How are they when you bring them out?

We are off to check it out!

Nubbin wiggles,

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