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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sorry :(

-- Rue

I always look forward to Sundays -- momma is always home to play with me, then she brings me to the park and go shopping sometimes. Yesterday we went to our vet to say hi and flaunt my new dress:

Look! It's pink and it's polka-dotsy :)

I love my vet, really. She's always nice and sweet to me, plus she was showing me off to everyone at the animal hospital yesterday because she thinks I was really cute. She was carrying me like a baby, with my two paws on her shoulder. She even let me peek in the microscope to look at some teeny-tiny things I don't understand. But yeah, that's how loved I am by my vet, and I love her, too!

Then, something happened, and I really couldn't control it. While my dear vet and momma were chatting, I pooped on her! Eeeew! Really, really embarrassing :( My beautiful vet was just cool about it, thank God. But I am still embarrassed. I don't want to see her anytime soon, while I still remember that "accident."

Spot me on the counter! That's me hiding my face in my vet's handbag.

So here's my public apology to my charming doctor:


Because I was feeling bad, I did what I do best when I got home:


Oh I'm sure she forgives you.  I bet lots of pets get excited and have accidents.  You look really purty in your new dress.

Nubbin wiggles,

Thank you, @fb8cc51592ffcfa742142533eef5b051:disqus ! :)

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