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Sunday, April 24, 2011

News Bits, Happy Easter!

-- RUE

Bah, we were out of the blogging world for two weeks! TWO WEEKS! Whew. Hooman Momma was busy computing the grades of her students and then she went on a road trip. I was thinking, maybe we should get our own Mac, so that we can blog even when she's not around! But, yeah, we can't type. So never mind.

I've got a few stories and photos to share.

Unpleasant Surprise

I surprised momma when she came home the other night with a barf on the floor. When she inspected, she was horrified to see chunks of rubber mat in it! Well, I couldn't help myself, it tasted sooooo good! She told the vets about it (she made sumbong) so she had to observe me. But I was feeling great and quite hungry, too, because my stomach didn't like my rubber meal so I asked for a good dinner. She scolded me and made sure all the mats are kept beyond my reach now! Sigh :(

P10 coin for size comparison only

Library Cat

Can I be one? Momma came home with 19 books (yes, 19!) the other day. She told me that she got them from National Bookstore Shangri-la, for less than P1,000 (US$23)! They were on sale! Of course I had to inspect each one of them. Now I am contemplating if I can be a library cat, too, like Dewey.

Lazing Around

So Qish and I just lazed around during the Holy Week. Well, I don't have a photo, because apparently momma is crazy over Qish's belly! Here are a few photos of Qish posing for the camera -- a rare instance!


Momma de-cluttered our home and look what we found! My wardrobe! I can't believe I've grown this big. My first shirt can't even fit in my thigh now!

Oh, and one last thing, in case you haven't noticed, WE HAVE A NEW HEADER AND LAYOUT!  Yay! Momma did all the fancy-schmancy stuff around, but her student, Uncle Toney, promised to do a better header so we're just waiting for that :) Make sure you click the HOME button so you can see the little animation thingy :) Hope you like it!

Happy Easter!


I think the new layout looks great & I loved all of the pictures of you two!

Nubbin wiggles,

Oh, thanks Oskar! Happy Easter!

Congrats on the new layout! I love it. It makes your blog look spacious. Oh and that's Kirara's favorite position when sleeping (Qish with belly up). Hahaha! Happy Easter!

Thanks! :)

I'm sure she looks funny when she does that, too! Baka it's a common Siamese trait? Does she love belly rubs? Qish begs for it.

That depends when she's in the mood. Haha! I think there's a certain way she likes her belly rubbed. If you start it wrong, she walks out. :(

Hahaha! Rue hates it naman, so when you start putting your hand near her belly, she kicks/playbites it. When I'm persistent, she walks out, too.

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