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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Meet the New Store Supervisor! (Video)

-- Hooman Momma

Everytime I bring Rue to Bow and Wow Greenbelt 5, she is always excited. And when I say excited, I mean she bumps her head repeatedly on top of the soft carrier to get out as soon as she smells we're inside the store! When I open the carrier, she rushes out, like a kid in a toy store! Everyone at Bow & Wow loves her :) 

Rue walks on a leash, but you'll feel that you are actually the one being walked because you have to follow her around. Some of the people in Bow & Wow obliges to be walked by Rue, as she sniffs every corner in each shelf. Check her out:


waah! i am super envious that you can bring Rue around. Nugget freaks out in the car even during the 5 minute ride to the vet :( Maybe we should train Kumo na :) Do you take Qish out on walks too?

Awwww. Train Kumo na! I started bringing Rue out when she was still a kitten. I trained her to wear the harness, too. I tried doing that with Qish, but major FAIL! He can't be walked haha. Qish doesn't mind being taken out naman, but he tends to attack people who tries to touch him if I bring him out. He becomes agitated also after about an hour. Unlike Rue -- we can be out all day, and she'll be fine.

If you'll train Kumo, get the H-harness (the one that has a loop around the neck, then another on the body). I've tried the D-type (where they only loop around each front leg, then body) and Qish managed to get out of it in 2 minutes!

Train Kumo na so he can meet Rue at the park :)

What a curious cat and such beautiful markings!

Nubinn wiggles,

OMG, I want to make Rue gigil!!! :D

Hahaha ginagawa ko yan, especially yung tyan nya :D

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