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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lazy Qish

-- Qish

Let's just chill in bed for one more hour, could we?

Hooman Momma:  I cracked up when I woke up with Qish on the other side of the bed looking like this. I scampered to get my iPhone to take this photo before he moves!

While I'm chilling here, Rue and I are hoping that all the cats (along with their hoomans) in Hello Kitty land are safe and dry! We found this article on Catster about Japan's Cat Island (a mecca for catlovers) -- which lies tragically on the path of the tsunami. We hope they were able to jump up to higher grounds with their elderly hoomans in time to flee from the raging wave! Our PAWerful purryers are sent their way.



Haha, so cute! I hope everything's well in Japan, too...

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