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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ha-Ha-Ha-Happy Birthday, Qishie-Poo!

-- Hooman Momma

To that furball who keeps me warm at night, buries my keys in the litterbox (I had to hang it on the wall now), sleeps on my lap when I work at home, and hates everyone who sits/sleeps on my bed (even the masseuse!), HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you, Qishie-poo!

I wish Qish the best of health. And I pray that he'll live a long, mischievous life with me and Rue!

Here's a celebration of Qish's 4 wonderful years with me:


Awww Qish is so qute! I used to have a siamese cat. And she looked like you! :D

I bet she's cute, too! I wish Qish would be less sungit, so that I can bring him to the park like Rue :)

Happy Birthday, baby boy :) May you live a long and happy life together with baby sis, Rue and your human momma :) Hugs from Nugget and Kumo <3

Thanks Nugget & Kumo & Mommy Kate :)

I hope you had the best birthday ever!

Nubbin wiggles,

Happy Birthday Super Cute Qish!!!!

Happy birthday Qish!!! Gosh, he looked so malandi as a kitten. :D

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