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Sunday, July 18, 2010

No More Donut For Me!

-- Qish

Finally, my donut collar has come off!

Last month, when momma arrived from her trip to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, she noticed a bald spot in between my shoulders.  She had me checked, and was advised that it may be an allergy to Revolution which Rue and I get monthly to ward off those mites and fleas.  I was given pills to take but I wouldn't let her shove those pills in my throat!  Teehee. 

The bald spot was soooo itchy so I tried to lick it all the time.  But since that part is supposedly "unreachable" for my tongue, I licked the part nearest to it.  I licked it over and over again until momma noticed that I already developed lesions from it!  She put on the most-hated Elizabethan collar (I call it the ugly cone collar) that morning and scheduled a visit to Dr. Riza after her work.  Rue was such a bully as soon as it was on!  She was biting me here and there, and was just nudging me to play with her maybe because she knew I can't run with that thing on!  I wanted to smack her in the face but the cone left me helpless.

When Dr. Riza saw me, she told momma I have a hotspot!  I learned that it's a self-inflicted lesion caused by overlicking a part.  It may be triggered by an insect bite, a rash, bald spot, what-have-yous.  So momma has to put an ointment on it twice a day.  I got an antibiotic injection, too.  I also has to keep my ugly cone collar for a minimum of 10 days!!! :'(  That's a tragedy.  But of course momma understands how bad I feel about that ugly cone, so as soon as we (Rue and I -- she always tags along because she loves getting attention!) got home, momma left again to buy something from Bow & Wow in Shangri-la.  And it's a beautiful gift for me!  It's an alternative to the ugly cone, and I call it the donut collar.

ProCollar Protective Collar, Small

I love that it doesn't get in the way of my navigation, eating, drinking and playing.  It feels a little funny having a tad too big a thing on my neck, but I was comfortable wearing it.  I wore it for almost a month, would you believe!  Because when momma & Dr. Riza took it off after two weeks, I started licking it again and developed lesions, again.  Teehee.  I can be naughty, you know.

Check out how great this product is!


thanks for the tip! :) It's so cute.

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