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Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Little Treats Buffet Paw-ty

-- Rue

So...momma didn't give me a paw-ty.  But she gave me a cat treat buffet!  Of course Qish got his share, too, but because I always eat fast, I finished ahead of Qish and I tried to get his share.  Teehee.  I thought momma would allow it.  She owes me a paw-ty, anyway!  But she shooed me away to let Qish finish it.  Boo!

Anypaw, I did enjoy the yummy treats!  I had shrimp, chicken, sushi and some kibble treats.  These were the ones she got from Singapore.  She only opened them now!  How special!  She made me eat my dinner first, though, because she thought I wouldn't eat my regular meal if I had my treats first.

So here are my photos, happy 1st rescue anniversary to me and my paw-mily (momma and Qish)!  I love you both!

Almost finished!

Uhh, excuse me, I am trying to sleep!  Burp!
Zzzzzzzzz...I love my cat life!


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