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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chwithmath Wif Saab

-- Hooman Momma

Christmas would have been sweeter with the little rascal Saab around, but God had other plans for him. Each day becomes easier as I learn to accept that Saab was just a passing soul, a reminder that life can be beautiful no matter how short it was lived.

I am so glad we celebrated Chwithmath wif Saab on September 28, back when he still had the energy to be merry and enjoy his pawty. The idea came as I was Whatsapp-ing with my PAWsome friends -- because Saab was diagnosed with FIP, I knew that his time on earth won't be long. I told them I wish he would at least stay until Christmas. We were all sad, but then Tinette said, "Why don't we all celebrate Christmas with Saab this Saturday?!" It was the brightest idea. I had one day to prepare for it. There really wasn't much to prepare for, but I wanted a little tarp and some Christmas stuff brought to the clinic :) I also ordered cupcakes for him from Whole Pet Kitchen.

On Chwithmath day, Saab was all perky in his red Christmas scarf. He was his usual curious self, greeting everyone and making sure their plates were full. He was a poster boy for a party cat :) He only had a few guests, but he enjoyed being the center of everybody's attention.

I will be forever thankful to Dr. Riza and Dr. Melay of The Pet Project Vet Clinic for making sure Saab lived his life to the fullest in his last few remaining days. He truly was loved, pampered and spoiled rotten there :) 

Here's how we spent Chwithmath wif Saab:

Cupcakes for pets from Whole Pet Kitchen

Dr. Riza and Dr. Melay of The Pet Project Vet Clinic

Saab's beloved guests (from L): Tinette, myself, Dr. Melay, Dr. Riza, my mom, Janice


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