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Friday, November 29, 2013

Fancy Feast's Cat Crafternoon

-- Hooman Momma

I had an amazing time at Fancy Feast's Cat Crafternoon event! I have been dabbling into craftmaking lately, and I would never say pass at an event that combines cat-love and crafts! What a wonderful event by Nestlé Purina!

We made a collar necklace and designed a ceramic bowl for our kitties. Here are what I made for Rue:

So many freebies for Rue! I love Nestlé Purina :)

The food at Pino/Pipino Restaurant was super good, but everyone was too busy with their crafts to enjoy the food! I only had a few bites because I wanted to finish my crafts :)

LOOK! Saab is on my cupcake :)

I wish I brought Rue because she had some "fans" who got excited when they thought she was there, hehe :) There were a lot of kitties, but I was not able to take photos because I was too excited with my crafts! Sorry!


It was nice meeting you. Such beautiful cats you have :3

Thanks, @Kate Navasero! Hope to see you again in the next one! :)

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