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Friday, July 26, 2013

Rue's PAWsome 4th Rescue-versary!

-- Rue

Can you believe I'm four years old already?! I'm so glad I'm living such a wonderful, fabulous life!

On July 24, I celebrated my rescue-versary with my 2 brothers and 3 hoomans -- my momma and our vets Dr. Riza and Dr. Melay. Momma got me a super cute purr-day paw cake and kitty salmon muffins from Whole Pet Kitchen while she prepared a vegetarian feast for the hooman guests. I wore a beautiful geisha kimono, and I think I'm the prettiest geisha ever! I don't even need to paint my face white to look the part :)

Okay, enough of the blah-blahs, here are the beautiful photos of my rescue-versary celebration! <3

My purr-day paw cake -- too bad the frosting's ruined when we got it, but it's super yummy!

My pink "4" candle! Yay! <3
kitty-shaped salmon muffins
Okay, this makes me look like I'm being naughty, but I'm not! Momma put me on the table for the photo shoot, and I know I'm never allowed on the table. I was skittish, but I also loved the smell of the salmon, so I brought it with me when I jumped down. I am never eating on the hooman's table, I'm a good kitty!
This smells sooooo good!

Ok, momma, take my picture now so I can eat my cake!

nom nom nom nomnom...

Can you see the little triangle on my nose? Momma loves it! <3
Sharing my food with Saab...
...and Qish.
Here's one of the vegetarian dishes my momma cooked for the hooman guests. She forgot to take photos of the others! :(
My favorite vet doctors, Dr. Riza and Dr. Melay
Saab loves Dr. Melay!
And here's my very purr-ty geisha dress! Weeee!

Meh -_^


Awww that's a lovely post. Thank you so much Rue and Mom!:) Happy Birthday pretty Rue

Thanks also for the beautiful kimono, @PupStarsPh ! I've been looking for one since 2 years ago. It looks purr-fect on Rue! :)

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