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Friday, June 28, 2013

Fallen Angel

How many times can you say that something comes in your life in a poetic fashion?

-- Hooman Momma

On Monday, June 24, my mom and I saw 3 lil super cute white kittens that looked like they were freshly dumped outside Wack Wack Golf Course. They looked healthy and clean, but because I was on my way to work, I had no chance to feed or check on them. I vowed to check them out on my way home, and I was thinking about the tiny furry things all day! Imagine my dismay when I got there, all excited, and they were not there. Not a single one. I had a heavy heart, but I just hoped that someone with a golden heart decided to give them a good home.

On Thursday, June 27, As I was walking to get to work, I was startled by a white shining thing falling off the roof just as I was passing by. When I looked down, it's one of the kittens I saw on Monday! What a perfect timing! What are the odds of that happening?! I mean, this is meant to happen, right? I then looked up and saw the 2 siblings, calling for the fallen angel. They were even attempting to jump off themselves! I coordinated a rescue effort with my mom while I went to work. She managed to get them off the roof with the help of the street sweeper.

But, what was I thinking! I live in a condo apartment where only one pet is allowed, and I already have 3 PAWsome Cats! *sigh* With quick thinking, my mom and I figured out the we can try to smuggle bring them to the countryside where my parents live. Which means that we have to secure some papers, because they will have to ride a ferry and cross the sea. Our great vets Dr. Riza and Dr. Melay will be visiting them tonight to check on them, but me thinks they are super healthy and frisky! They are already wrestling with each other!

I think they're as big as Rue when I got her. I'm super excited for their new life. I'm sure I would hate to see them go, but they'll be better off growing up in a bigger space where they can climb and destroy more things (teehee!)

For comparison, this is how tiny Rue was when I rescued her!

And now look at these cotton balls -- they will totally melt your heart and turn it into a gooey puddle!

Hey lady! Let me out!


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