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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Homeless Cats

In September of last year, I started feeding the homeless cats in Magallanes Interchange Park. If you didn't know yet, Rue was once a homeless tiny kitten who wandered around Magallanes, and I felt that I have to give back to the cat community because of the blessings and joy that Rue has brought our family. Feeding and eventually spaying/neutering them was one way for us to give back.

Last month, friends of PAWsome Cats wanted to do a little bit more. We did ask for some support from our friends and on Dec. 28, we bought a sack of cat food, visited Magallanes once again to feed the kitties and give cat food to the cat guardians, and administered Revo to eradicate their skin diseases. This wouldn't be possible without the help of our friends -- Dr. Riza, Dr. Melay, Tita Pineng, Tinette, Lee, Janice, and Ines.

It was definitely a rewarding and heartwarming day, and we were happy that for a day, we were able to make the world a lil better for our feline friends :)

Feeding the homeless cats in Magallanes

Dr. Riza administers Revo to the kitties


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