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Sunday, July 15, 2012

I've Got a Confession to Make...

Hooman Momma

I am PAWsome Cats, and my cats are iPaddicts! Halp!

It started when I downloaded an app with a laser dot. I showed it to Rue, and she found it amusing. I found Rue playing with the iPad amusing, so I gave her more apps. She has virtual playmates -- fishes, mice, butterflies, spiders, bugs -- in all shapes and colors. She even has apps that make her a Pica(t)sso wannabee. Now all she does is play with the iPad whenever she sees it. If I am using it, she swats on the screen and messes up whatever I am working on. If I tell her to stop, she covers the screen with her body. She won't let me use it until I let her play with her favorite games for a good 5 to 10 minutes. And now she even led Qish to start on this iPaddiction, too! Qish is still learning, but is also slowly getting iPaddicted.


Hey! What iPad apps are you using? i only have the Friskies games, i wanna try the others :)

Hmnn, Rue has several, but these are her favorites: Friskies Cat Fishing 2, Friskies JitterBug, Cat Toys Lite, Paint for Cats, and the mouse in Fun and Games for Cats :) @facebook-587556581:disqus

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