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Monday, May 7, 2012

I was teary-eyed!

-- Rue

Last week, momma found my left eye "crying" -- as in tears were trickling down the side of my nose. My left eyelid was also pinkish red, and of course she panicked. Oh, hoomans always do! Don't you love it when they fuss over you because something's wrong?

So she wrapped me in a towel, put her eyedrop on me (Genteal), and when we woke up, the watery eye had improved. Dr. Riza advised momma to put an eyedrop twice a day for three days. Momma said she was so proud of me, because I never protested and I was such a good kitty girl all the time. What she doesn't know is I actually like the feeling of the eyedrop on my eye! It relieves my discomfort, for sure.

After a day or two, I was back to my cute, mischievous self -- complete wif big, bright eyes!

Yeah, I slid my head into the plastic bag handle, and paraded around the house. Momma can't stop laughing. This is my way of telling her to dress me up properly! I haven't worn a dress since she hasn't been taking me out. She said it's too hot outside!


awwwwww!  Rue looks like a baby <3  Want to hug! Glad to know she's feeling better.

I'm glad your eye is better & you do look awfully adorable!

Nubbin wiggles,

Thanks! It's really hard when something's wrong with the kitties, I get too worked up on worrying and fussing :D

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