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Thursday, March 8, 2012

PAWsome CAT Contest

Qish is turning 5 this month!

We would like to celebrate with you, so we are doing some promos on our Facebook Page :)


Share your PAWsome CAT’s Story – it can be about how great your cat is, or how great you feel when you are with your kitty. Creatively narrate your story in 300 words or less, and email it to along with a cute photo of your kitty.

Include the following information:

SUBJECT: PAWsome CAT Contest
Name of PAWsome Cat: _____________
Breed: _______________
Gender: ______________
Age: _______________
Contact No.: ____________

(open to Manila residents only)

Sending of photo/story: March 4-12
Uploading of photo/story: March 14
Voting: March 14-20

Our prizes are amazing, we promise!

We'll be picking two (2) winners:

1. Photo/story with most number of LIKES
2. PAWsome Cats’ pick (most creative photo/story)

NOTE: Pet/human can only win once. Should the pet/human win more than once, the prize with the higher value will be awarded to them.

Here's a sample entry:

Have you met the cat from hell? His vet says so (she said he’s the most difficult cat she has ever handled), but to me he is the sweetest. He licks my face in the morning when he wakes up. He never leaves my side when I am home. He cuddles with me at night. And he lets me rub his belly, which means he completely trusts me!

He came at the right time, when I felt the world was against me. Cliché as it may sound, he was my source of joy, strength and hope. He loved me unconditionally. So when he got very sick and I thought I would lose him, I never gave up. I just couldn’t. I didn’t care if people told me to let him go because his vet bills were piling up. I didn’t care if I had to lose sleep while researching online on how I could make him feel better. I didn’t care if I had to take a leave to feed him and be with him. I cried and prayed hard, and I didn’t care if people would see me as a crazy cat lady. And now I am happy that we are about to celebrate our 5th year together, and he’s stronger, healthier and more beautiful than ever! I just love him so.


Yay! Waiting for your Nugget and/or Kumo story :)

salmoncat : Thank mew <3 Please join the PAWsome CAT Contest! :)

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