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Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Buzz

-- Rue

OMG I've been so busy I failed to greet you on Christmas day! Meowy Christmas, everyone!

spending Christmas eve at Somerset Makati Ave. -- my dress is so purrrrrty! :)

Here's some buzz about my holidays:

I had a great Christmas eve at Somerset. My aunt invited us over, and I was supposed to stay there for the night but momma didn't bring my litterbox and whatnots. So we had to go home just before the Noche Buena. Besides, Qish was alone at home and we didn't want him to spend Christmas by himself. But what's great about it is that we discovered a hotel/serviced apartment that allows pets! Somerset along Makati Ave. accommodates pets at the 2nd to 4th floor. Momma said we'll book there some time, and we'll bring Qish, too! Yay! Another good thing is it's just across my favorite park -- Ayala Triangle Gardens! Double yay!

I got this really nice gift from Aunt Mariel and Uncle Ian: our framed family portrait, made of a mosaic of our various photos! Wee! Ain't it beautiful? :) You have to step a bit away from your monitor to appreciate it, but if you look closer, you'll see the different photos of Qish & myself! We love, love, love it!

Click photo to enlarge. It's amazing! :)
I got another wonderful gift from my PAWsome doggie friends: Jacks, Shachie & Tubby, and their hoomans Tasha & Trish. Qish and I love the dangling whatchamacallit toy! We have a video where we went a lil crazy with it, we'll post it soon:

Momma and I went holiday shopping at my favorite store -- Bow & Wow! Oh, everyone there was excited to see me, teehee :)

She was shopping for her cat, too, and she couldn't resist touching me! 

One last good news: I won in Bow & Wow Petparazzi Video Contest! YAY! I am getting P5,000 Bow & Wow GCs as my cash prize :) Weeeee!

Here's my winning video:

Enjoy the holidays everyone! Don't forget to keep your furry babies away from firecrackers/fireworks! 


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