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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Red Riding Rue

-- Rue

This week has been crazy! I've been really busy pleasing hoomans with my cuteness. My blog couldn't keep up with my schedule!

But first, let me show you my beautiful costume -- this Halloween, I am Little Red Riding RUE! I wanted to be Puss in Boots, really, but momma couldn't find someone who can make my boots and hat. So we ended up with Little Red Riding Hood, which I think is super cute, anyway!

Ain't it pretty? I love the Hello Kitty patch on it. My grandma hand-sewn it for two weeks! She told me she wouldn't make a dress if it weren't for me -- that's how much she loves me! Oh, and please pay attention to my lil basket in the next photos! I soooo love it! Grandma went to Quiapo and searched every corner for it. I love my Grandma!

This is how I rock the little red hood:

I joined PAWS Scaredy Cats and Dogs event in Eastwood on October 23 and it has launched my career to international stardom! Eeeek, I am so popular now! I got the Hali-MEOW Award again and here's what happened there:

with Ms. Anna Cabrera of PAWS

Yay! I won! I won! It's the Hali-MEOW Award (Best Native Cat in Costume) again :)

One of the judges, Mr. Victor Basa (I was told he is a celebrity like me!) was kind enough to carry my prizes because they won't fit in my lil basket.

This is our friend, Jacks, who won the Transylvanian Star Award! He's the grand winner, yay!
The judges -- Louis Claparols, Joey Mead & Victor Basa fussing over me!
It was a tiring event, because it was hot, but we came prepared: momma brought a lil fan for me!

I had so much fun, but I was dead tired after. 


Rue! can we get a paw-tograph :D  You are so pretty!  Your grandmother is very cool too for making your dress <3

Hahaha thank you meowbykate :)

That's it, I'm learning how to sew for my two miming-girls! :) I love that last pic of Rue all pooped out, mukha rin siyang remote with all those dots on her tummy.

Hay naku, I wish I could sew, too, @00b161d0813e12fe7c28bdcb64efc02d ! I would love to make lil clothes for Rue. Haha,  ngayon ko lang na-notice yung dots, now that you mentioned it! :)

Oh my cod, you look absolutely adorable!  And that last picture is too cute for words!
Nubbin wiggles,Oskar

Awww, thanks @fb8cc51592ffcfa742142533eef5b051 ! :)

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