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Saturday, February 12, 2011

UPDATE: Manny Happily Hobbles!

-- Hooman Momma

If there's one thing I learned today, it is that there are still good and honest people in the world! Note to self: don't lose hope in humanity!

Okay, forgive me. This week I have been thinking about Manny the dog a lot ever since I got a message from the caretaker on February 7, Monday, that they haven't removed the bandage yet, and that there is a foul smell that emanates from the leg. Then suddenly, on February 11, Friday, I got another message saying that we need not to worry because they have removed the bandage, and that the wound has healed and dried up. This was on the night before our scheduled trip back to Cavite. We sort of doubted if Manny was really doing fine, so we decided to proceed with our trip.

On the road going to Cavite, Dr. Riza, Dr. Melay and myself were feeling good, not really having a bad hunch about what we will be seeing. And I guess our intuition was right -- we were pleasantly surprised to see Manny hopping with her three good legs!

It was a busy day at the DENR compound, being a Saturday. Amidst all the hikers registering and taking a breather before proceeding with their conquest of Pico de Loro, there she was -- Manny, wagging her tail, doing her job of greeting and saying hi to the hikers. She's a happy camper herself. Her injured leg doesn't have a bandage anymore, and it is healing beautifully. The wound has closed, and it seems that she has started growing her fur back on that leg.

The funny thing is, as soon as Manny saw us, she ran away! She was still traumatized by the procedures done on him to save his leg, that she thinks we are there to hurt her again! Can you believe how smart she is? No amount of food can coax her to come out and mingle with us. Although we wanted badly to hug her and check her leg, we let her be.

The caretakers warmly welcomed us. They were so proud to show Manny (even if she doesn't want to come out) and eagerly narrated how they were finally able to remove the bandage. They genuinely love their animals there, and for that, I feel guilty for doubting their words when they said that Manny is fine. They are good people, living simply in the beauty of nature.

The other animals at the compound are doing well, too. We brought a little treat for them.

Dr. Riza Zunio feeding the dogs, without Manny -- she ran away as soon as she saw us!

   Oh, and this kitty -- she is super adorable! Make sure to watch her video, she's funny :)

On our way home, we stopped by Leslie's to have lunch. What's wrong in this picture?!

Happy weekend everyone! 



I'm sorry that Manny won't be your friend yet, but so happy that he is hobbling along!

Nubbin wiggles,

We sooo wanted to hug her! But that's okay. What's important is that she's healing well! :)

yay! thank you once again for saving another animal :)

yay! thank you once again for saving another animal :)

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